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Your Life, Your Rules: Transform Your Reality in 30 Days

Your Life, Your Rules: Transform Your Reality in 30 Days

Your Life, Your Rules: Transform Your Reality in 30 Days.


If you are tired of trying to manifest things into your life & create your dream reality but are getting no results, then this is the eBook for you.


This eBook will show you truly how easy it actually is to intentionally create your reality & what you can start doing right now to change your life.


So, If you are wanting to activate your inner potential & reclaim your power by creating your reality on your terms, this is for you. This eBook will zoom out on your perspective in life & put you into the drivers seat of your life. This is your life & your rules.


This digital document is a 24 page guide on how you can create your dream reality right now. It is exclusive content for you to keep & refer back to at any point in your journey.


You will receive guidance on:


  • What Reality Actually is & How it Works in the Creation of Your Reality.
  • What is the Quantum Field of Infinite Potential & How Matter is Actually Formed.
  • How Easy it is to Create Your Reality & Why You Have Overcomplicated it.
  • Your Consciousness & Who You Actually Are. (What You Are Truly Capable Of)
  • Programs, Conditioning & Generational Cycles. (You Are The Cyclebreaker)
  • How to Break Through Limiting Beliefs & Reprogram Yourself.
  • Creating Your New Program including a 5 Step-By-Step Manual. (Including the steps to creating your own perosnalised voice memo)
  • How to Utlise the Brainwave States to Access The Subconscious Mind.
  • A Simple yet Powerful Meditation Manifestation practice.
  • Overcoming The External Circumstances in your Physical Reality.
  • Diminishing Your Limiting Beliefs.
  • Your Vibrational Frequency & Inner World.
  • How Divine Timing Works 


*refunds are not available for this product*

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