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3-Month Private Mentoring

Are you tired of juggling countless commitments and struggling to find time for your own growth? With "Elevate," you can say GOODBYE to scheduling headaches and HELLO to meaningful progress.
LET'S WORK together


Release limiting beliefs & mental blocks that are holding you back


Breakthrough old cycles and overcome your current circumstances



Experience your highest timeline & become magnetically abundant 

I understand that your time is precious, which is why "Elevate" is designed to be low maintenance. Spend less time coordinating calls and more time diving deep into your personal development journey.

Elevate is your low maintenance 1:1 private mentoring program with Abbey that facilitates the level up in your life.

Spend less time scheduling calls & more time investing in the development of your next level.


Abbey structures the 12 week program to follow the natural flow of entering your next level, delving deep into your desires, shadow & mental and emotional processes.


Abbey I just wanted to say thank you so much!! You are genuinely the purest soul and I am so grateful for all of the guidance you've given me over the last 6 weeks you have shared your inner light so freely with me and it has been such an honour to work with you. I feel like I legit jumped timelines by the end of this round of coaching. With your help I've reopened my heart, reconnected with my intuition, and shed SOOO many old layers. I feel like I finally stepped into my higher self. You gently brought so much to my awareness and held space for me as I met my shadow. You opened my eyes in so many ways. I absolutely love the way that you gave me the steps then allowed and trusted me to come up with some of my own answers. Because of you, I finally trust myself again after years of self doubt. You have a beautiful and unique gift and it's so clear that you're in your purpose. Every time we speak I feel lighter. Your work is nothing short of transformative! I am so grateful for you. Thank you again and I can't wait to see even more growth as I continue working with you.


Private Mentoring with Abbey is designed to bring about your profound personal transformation.

Abbey's approach goes beyond surface-level guidance. She sees you for who you truly are, understanding your unique journey and challenges. Through this mentorship, Abbey will help you identify blind spots and unravel how past experiences may be influencing your current reality. With her guidance, you'll gain a deep awareness of these patterns, allowing you to transmute and alchemise them into opportunities for growth.

If there's one thing Abbey knows inside and out, it's the art of transforming lives. She understands the intricacies of manifestation and how to guide you through shifting your reality to align with your desires.

Now, here's the exciting part: transforming your reality doesn't have to be a daunting task. With Abbey's guidance, it becomes a joyful and fulfilling journey. It's not about struggle or confusion; instead, it's about embracing the process with an open mind and positivity.

And most importantly, Abbey's unique perspective doesn't leave you feeling discouraged or disheartened. Manifestation and creation should uplift and inspire you, and that's exactly what Abbey's expertise delivers.



x Monthly

60 minute check in call


Weekly worksheets, challenges and tasks to ELEVATE


Unlimited WhatsApp access

  • 💞 How is this mentorship different from other programs?
    This mentorship is built on the principles of Self Trust & Energetic Expansion. So where other programs may tell you their way is the ONLY way, Self Trust & Energetic Expansion teaches you to prioritise YOUR inner being above all. To cultivate the capacity to call in & hold your desires creating a long term lifestyle for yourself. With the addition of the inner authority work you'll be doing, you'll build the confidence & self-awareness to know if something is, or is not working for you, & be able to pivot in accordance. This isn't JUST about mastering your mindset, this is about creating the ultimate dream reality you came here to truly experience - in complete integrity with your dharma & souls purpose.
  • 💞 When do the weekly calls take place? Will there be replays?
    As soon as you enrol, you'll get access to our Weekly Expansion call schedule. Calls take place on different days & times each week to cater different time zones. The calls will then all be recorded, & the replays will be reposted into the Community Platform.
  • 💞 What programs will I get instant access to when I join?
    When you join The Energetic Expansion 1.0 you get immediate access to the course content, the EE WhatsApp Group Chat & all workbooks.
  • 💞 Will I benefit from The Energetic Expansion 1.0 if I'm a beginner?
    Absolutely! The Energetic Expansion 1.0 is for anyone with a heart center! No matter where you are on your journey, you can always find your way back into that space & energetically expand into your dream reality. The wisdom & insights shared in the Energetic Expansion is beyond any content shared online before.
  • 💞 How long do I have access to The Energetic Expansion 1.0?
    You'll get access to our course content, LIVE Expansion calls, unlimited WhatsApp access & Mastery REPLAYS for the entirety of the 8 Week Mentorship.
  • 💞 What investment is The Energetic Expansion 1.0?
    Pay in full: 8 Weeks: $1,400 USD (8 x weekly payment plans available of $175 USD)

What is a
discovery call?

Book A Free 15 Minute Discovery Call with Abbey

Discuss Your Current Goals & Journey

Start Your Journey Being Mentored by Abbey



get out of your own way?

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